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Falco Image Studio Download Free!

Falco Image Studio

Falco Software Company presents a comfortable image creation tool
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fl Chess Download Free!

fl Chess

Chess game with enhanced AI in 3D environment. Main feature - smart artificial intellect, which can give you hard work!
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Pool 8 Download Free!

Pool 8

The first ball that is stuck either by the player or the computer will define the teams.
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Forest Bike Download Free!

Forest Bike

Forest Bike is an arcade off-road motorcycle simulator. You are presented with a huge open world with realistic physical behavior of the motorcycle itself.
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Mission Escape From Island 2 Download Free!

Mission Escape From Island 2

Mission: Escape from Island 2 - a sequel of the great shooter with amazing graphics!
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Me Alone 3 Download Free!

Me Alone 3

On the ground, there was an apocalypse. Many people have turned into monsters that eat other people.
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Underground 3 Download Free!

Underground 3

You will enjoy the world of street racing and hypo tuned cars in "Underground 3".
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The Boy And The Golem Download Free!

The Boy And The Golem

The boy and the Golem were friends for a long time, and have traveled together.
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Humad Download Free!


HUMAD is an entertaining game which highly incorporates physics and gravity.
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Sex Lesson Download Free!

Sex Lesson

Sex Lesson is another memory game in which your main task is to find pairs of pictures for speed. After you complete this task, a large image with beautiful girls will open at each level. This game is unique in that it develops not only your memory, but also your attentiveness. After you go through all the levels in this game, a separate item in the menu will open for you, by going into which you can fully enjoy all the hot images from this game. Be attentive, and then this game will not let you get bored, and pleasant soundtracks will help you to relax and get full enjoyment from this game. All faces in this game are over 18 years old!
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Falco Chess Download Free!

Falco Chess

It has been among the most preferred strategy-building games since ages.
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Russian Car Driver HD Download Free!

Russian Car Driver HD

Play the most realistic driving simulator, VAZ 2108!
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Falco GIF Animator Download Free!

Falco GIF Animator

Falco GIF Animator is one of the best Tool to draw and edit animated images (GIFs).
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Virtual Piano Download Free!

Virtual Piano

You dream of owning a piano but cant afford one?
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Kill All Zombies 2 Download Free!

Kill All Zombies 2

Sequel to the game Kill All Zombies. Zombies still arrive, show them who is boss. Kill all the zombies and become the king of the world! Do not let the zombies void your entertainment.
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Russian Off Road Simulator HD Download Free!

Russian Off Road Simulator HD

Conquer spaces of legendary Russian off-road territory with the epic off-road vehicle, the UAZ.
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Apocalypse City Arena Download Free!

Apocalypse City Arena

After the big cataclysms, many people escaped to live in the catacombs. But all valuable resources remained on the surface. A lot of people set out on their own to gather what they need, and it's every man for himself. Try to survive and return with the loot.
6 Torrent Download
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Bowlingo Download Free!


Nice bowling game, easy for novices to get the hang of.
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MTB Freeride 2 Download Free!

MTB Freeride 2

MTB Freeride, shortened from Mountain Bike Freeride, is a challenging downhill cycling game that targets PC.
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Car Simulator 3D Download Free!

Car Simulator 3D

Your car is not only a luxury but a necessary means of transportation as well.
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Falco Graph Builder Download Free!

Falco Graph Builder

Falco Graph allows draw mathematical, geometrical graphics on the axis.
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English For Children Download Free!

English For Children

This simple puzzle game will help your children learn the basics of the English alphabet.
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Solitaire 2 Download Free!

Solitaire 2

Solitaire Solitaire is classic solitaire for your computer, the purpose being to move all the cards to the house, with the cards being placed in ascending order in each of the four suits.
4 Torrent Download
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Parkour GO Download Free!

Parkour GO

In this game you have to climb on the roofs of skyscrapers, make crazy jumps and scale the walls. Be extremely careful to avoid falling.
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Idolzzz Download Free!


As an archaeologist you will need to collect around the world ancient idols and pack them in boxes for further transportation to the museum.
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Battle Ground 3D Download Free!

Battle Ground 3D

Check out our new arcade battle tank shooter, BattleGround3D.
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Most Wanted 2 Download Free!

Most Wanted 2

Most Wanted 2 features crazy racing in a huge open city full of street racers and cops.
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Duck Hunter Dodger Doom Download Free!

Duck Hunter Dodger Doom

Duck Hunter Dodger Doom app will certainly remind you your childhood and make smile!
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Border Of Insanity Download Free!

Border Of Insanity

How fast will you go insane knowing you are the only person left in the entire world? How fast will you realize that everything is lost and life will never again be as it was? Feel the atmosphere of a post-apocalypse world in this game. Try different kinds of real weapons to kill the walking dead and dangerous bosses. You have to pass a long way looking for a trace of mankind. Do it and survive!
3 Torrent Download
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Princess Warrior 2 Download Free!

Princess Warrior 2

Continued dynamic action - RPG Princess Warrior, tell us about the fate of Princess Eriel.
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Hammer 2 Download Free!

Hammer 2

Agent Hammer has been tasked with a dangerous mission, which is to eradicate all crime in the city.
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Battle City 2 Download Free!

Battle City 2

Battle City 2 is a remake of the game Battle City from the early 90s. You control a tank and must protect your HQ from enemy tanks.
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Exotic Fishing Download Free!

Exotic Fishing

Fishing has never been so fun! Bright and beautiful tropical fish and the beauty of the ocean plunge you into the passion of the deep-sea that all fishermen feel.
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Army Combat 3D Download Free!

Army Combat 3D

Army Combat 3D is a tactical shooter with a third person view, where you battle enemies on the big map arena.
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Sniper Kills Download Free!

Sniper Kills

Shoot the enemies from the roof, get points, unlock all achievements!
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Able Astronaut Download Free!

Able Astronaut

The classic game of space invaders in a new guise, with colorful graphics, bombastic sound effects and spectacular explosions.
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Tic Tac Download Free!

Tic Tac

Tic Tac is a game in which you match wits with a smart computer.
2 Torrent Download
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Black Jack Download Free!

Black Jack

Play classic blackjack against a dealer.
2 Torrent Download
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The Scary House Download Free!

The Scary House

In this game, you will face unexpected adventures in your home, the game is filled with scary and atmospheric rooms. We promise you, you will be scared ...
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Cool Races Download Free!

Cool Races

Cool Races is a simple racing game in which you can play without rules, if you want.
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Zombie In Sun Temple Download Free!

Zombie In Sun Temple

In the distant village exists a temple of the sun. When the inhabitants stopped worshiping the gods, darkness fell on the village. Evil came from this darkness. At first, a few people turned into zombies, but soon this infection spread rapidly. All remaining residents went into hiding. You have started hunting down the zombies. Evil must be defeated.
2 Torrent Download
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Arkanoid Classic Download Free!

Arkanoid Classic

Behold classic Arkanoid with a twist.
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43 new
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Gem Hunter Download Free!

Gem Hunter

You are an adventurer. Collect gems while avoiding the obstacles. Score points, beat records, and waste gems in the shop on new outfits! Good luck in search of precious stones!
2 Torrent Download
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Stratego Download Free!


Stratego is a board game for two players on a 10x10 square board
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Avto K Download Free!

Avto K

AvtoK is a multi auto-clicker software for recording and playback of actions performed by your keyboard and mouse.
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WINDOW FRAME Download Free!


Play with an unusual camera position.
2 Torrent Download
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Crazy Robots Download Free!

Crazy Robots

People were developing military robots, which in case of war, were supposed to defend the city and country.
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Shining Cubes Download Free!

Shining Cubes

We all love to pass some free time playing a good game.
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Taimumari Download Free!


Somewhere above the ground, the clouds, there are fairy-tale world, called Zaria.
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Hentai 3018 Download Free!

Hentai 3018

In this game, you will need to find or get to the right door labeled exit.
1 Torrent Download
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Tetris Game Download Free!

Tetris Game

The new version of the game Tetris. You will return to the old days and play a modern Tetris game. Collect a large number of points and get to high levels. The higher the level, the harder the game.
1 Torrent Download
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Hard Maze Download Free!

Hard Maze

Test your skills in this game, with the task appearing simple at a glance.
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Sunny Land Download Free!

Sunny Land

Hi! It's me Foxy. I have a problem. I live with my parents, but I want to live in my own house. Plese help me to collect crystals. Then go to the next locations and collect new crystals.
1 Torrent Download
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Full Off Road 2 Download Free!

Full Off Road 2

Continuation of the first installment of the game. This time you have to explore the game world and complete quests without going back to the menu, and the game world itself has become more interactive.
1 Torrent Download
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ls Chess 3 Download Free!

ls Chess 3

Bright 2D chess in pixel art style with 8 bit music from LaserStone.
1 Torrent Download
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Mathematics Easily Download Free!

Mathematics Easily

If you want to test yourself and find out how fast you think, then this is the game for you - it will help you to develop the speed of counting and thinking.
1 Torrent Download
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Ping Pong Download Free!

Ping Pong

Game "Ping Pong" represents a three-dimensional simulator of one-nominal sports game.
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Steel Sky HD Download Free!

Steel Sky HD

Steel Sky HD is an arcade simulator.
1 Torrent Download
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Need For Drive Download Free!

Need For Drive

Feel the roar of the engine and adrenaline pumping while sitting in the cockpit of your car!
1 Torrent Download
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Spider Plant Download Free!

Spider Plant

The year is 2318, and a third world war has brought great destruction. Mankind was forced to descend into caves to escape the lingering radiation.
1 Torrent Download
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Car Driving Simulator Download Free!

Car Driving Simulator

In this game you drive a car. Your goal is to collect all the coins. Coins are hidden throughout locations. You must find all the coins while studying the location. Enjoy the game.
1 Torrent Download
62 new
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Cubic Rush Download Free!

Cubic Rush

Cubic rush is a fascinating arcade game in which you have to take on the role of a spaceship pilot and fly as far as possible avoiding obstacles. Set and conquer new records, earn credits and get access to the most innovative starships. The two-player mode allows you to have fun both with your friends and loved ones.
1 Torrent Download
63 new
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Sokoban Deluxe Download Free!

Sokoban Deluxe

Sokoban is a puzzle game in which you have to move blocks strategically onto the marked spots.
1 Torrent Download
64 new
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Russian Car Designer 3D Vaz 2606 Download Free!

Russian Car Designer 3D Vaz 2606

VAZ-2606 Drive the mechanical legend of the Soviet auto industry. Build your custom model VAZ 2606 in the garage with unique parts. You can also test drive your car at the site and on the road.
1 Torrent Download
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Super Checkers Download Free!

Super Checkers

Super Checkers is an improved version of the familiar board game that you can play alone with your computer or with your friends. More subtle game settings have been added: setting the board size, AI behavior, a timer and adding various challenges to the game, which will dilute the gameplay. In addition to all of the above, nice 3D graphics and relaxing music.
1 Torrent Download
66 new
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BOOM 2 Download Free!


BOOM 2 is a multiplayer game. Storyline... who cares?! There is a huge map and great graphics! Break his enemies with a large Arsenal! In battle, soldier!
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67 new
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Nazi Zombies Download Free!

Nazi Zombies

The protagonist is John the savior.
1 Torrent Download
68 new
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World Of Checkers Download Free!

World Of Checkers

World of Checkers - is a two-player game.
1 Torrent Download
69 new
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Zombie Hostel Download Free!

Zombie Hostel

Your name is Adam, and you decide to stay in the hotel for a little while.
1 Torrent Download
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Isidiada Download Free!


Want some summer? Some brainstorm? Some treasures?
1 Torrent Download
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Arcanoid Ball Of Destiny Download Free!

Arcanoid Ball Of Destiny

Arcanoid Ball of Dastiny - This is an incredible mystical breakout 5 evil bosses.
1 Torrent Download
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Deserted Island Download Free!

Deserted Island

On a small island in the ocean, a frontier ship noticed a strange glow. A special forces soldier was dropped on the island to find the source of this glow. The soldier soon realized that something strange was happening on the island. Mutant insects are running everywhere. The soldier's task is to break through to the center of the island, destroy all insects and find a mysterious object.
1 Torrent Download
73 new
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Taiga Car Driver Ural 4320 Download Free!

Taiga Car Driver Ural 4320

Break into the taiga blizzard again now on the legendary Ural 4320 truck, feel the whole atmosphere of the harsh Russian winter. Make bonfires to resist the cold. Take on the hardest job to get the highest reward. Do not leave people face to face with ruthless nature - come to the rescue and save them from this insidious trap. Be the first to go through all the climbing competitions, become the legendary driver of this severe and so bewitching beauty of the Russian Taiga.
1 Torrent Download
74 new
game icon
OFF Road Truck Driver Download Free!

OFF Road Truck Driver

In OffRoad Truck Driver you have to carry various loads over long distances.
1 Torrent Download
75 new
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Legends Of Necrodungeons Download Free!

Legends Of Necrodungeons

Legends of Necrodungeons is our new shooter with elements of RPG, a lot of monsters, varying locations and fun gameplay.
1 Torrent Download
76 new
game icon
Diving Copter Download Free!

Diving Copter

At first glance you may see a classic game about a helicopter flying through a cave.
1 Torrent Download
77 new
game icon
Desktop Journey Download Free!

Desktop Journey

Computer implementations of the "Journey", "Big Journey" and "Space travel" table games.
1 Torrent Download
78 new
game icon
Angry Vs Android Download Free!

Angry Vs Android

On a distant planet they were recycling a colony robots built in the past by a brilliant scientist.
1 Torrent Download
79 new
game icon
ls Chess Download Free!

ls Chess

Bright 2D chess in pixel art style with 8bit music from LaserLocation.
1 Torrent Download
80 new
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Miami Racer Reforged Download Free!

Miami Racer Reforged

Drive your own car in sunny Miami. Relax listening to music. Paint the car to your liking. Only you and the road, and more is not needed.
1 Torrent Download
81 new
game icon
Alien Wasteland Download Free!

Alien Wasteland

Alien spaceships appeared suddenly. The air defense of earthlings did not notice them. After the first and strong explosions of the aliens, military bases were completely destroyed and the sky turned red. Now the ground operation has begun. Earthlings showed little resistance. There are no strong weapons and skills to deal with aliens and their robots. Kill enemies and gain experience. Strong weapons can be purchased at the store.
1 Torrent Download
82 new
game icon
Lost Track Download Free!

Lost Track

Arcade game in black and white style. In it you will need to drive a motorcycle through a variety of challenging trails.
1 Torrent Download
83 new
game icon
Street Racer Download Free!

Street Racer

After sunset, street racers hit the streets. They race each other in illegal tournaments.
1 Torrent Download
84 new
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Truck Driver Steep Road Download Free!

Truck Driver Steep Road

Are you ready to become the best truck driver?
1 Torrent Download
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FalcoI con Editor Studio Download Free!

FalcoI con Editor Studio

To design high-detail color icons
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Falco Blood Download Free!

Falco Blood

Classic TDS - Shooter, top view.
1 Torrent Download
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Tank Rush Download Free!

Tank Rush

Your mission is to protect your tank and the base from the enemy tanks by destroying all enemy tanks.
1 Torrent Download
88 new
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Monsters Factory Download Free!

Monsters Factory

You are stuck in an abandoned factory which is inhabited by crowds of monsters. To survive you need to hold out as long as possible. Take up arms and destroy your enemies. You will receive money for every monster you kill. With the money you earn, buy weapons to increase your combat power. Good luck!
1 Torrent Download
89 new
game icon
Base Dune Download Free!

Base Dune

At one of the secret bases, an experiment was conducted on a new "Dune" vaccine; as a result of unsuccessful experiments, all the subjects died, and only you survived. In the game Base Dune to destroy all the guards, and get out of this huge maze. Look for the corners in the corners, pick up packages that will restore your strength. Ready? Then go ahead. Before the release will get only the best.
1 Torrent Download
90 new
game icon
Snow Battle Download Free!

Snow Battle

In the year 1991, a totalitarian power sends its agent BJ to a secret island located in the Arctic in order to conduct reconnaissance on the enemy country. In1992, due to a failure in the system, BJ reveals his location. Within two days, a special detachment of enemy forces is storming the island. The Allies stopped responding, leaving you twisting in the wind. Shoot your opponents as they approach. Your life and the reputation of your homeland are at stake.
1 Torrent Download
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game icon
Needles Download Free!


Excellent first-person shooter with all levels played in the arena style.
1 Torrent Download
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All Billiards Download Free!

All Billiards

"Billiards club " is a 3D pool simulator, giving you full reality sensation.
1 Torrent Download
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Dead Space By Zip Download Free!

Dead Space By Zip

2D shooter Dead Space By Zip is a game in which you must confront monsters from outer space.
1 Torrent Download
94 new
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SSA2D 2 Download Free!


SSA2D2 is a 2D shooter where you can visit several different planets passing the company or play in an endless mode to gain points.
1 Torrent Download
95 new
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OUTCAST Download Free!


A small first-person game. In it, you need to find a way out of the hospital. You only have a flashlight, which requires batteries. Otherwise, you will be plunged into impenetrable darkness There are batteries all around the hospital, but sometimes you will need to look for them.
1 Torrent Download
96 new
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CLICK O FAST Download Free!


Click.O. Fast-a Dynamic rhythm game in which you need to get under the tempo of the music randomly generated figures, will hone the reaction and possession of the mouse at a high level of complexity or just relax under the pleasant music of easy difficulty.
1 Torrent Download
97 new
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Shooter Download Free!


This game is truly unique than others, exciting graphics will make you spend all your time in this game. The plot of the game takes place in the near future where robots have taken over the whole world, and only a single hero was able to go out against all the robots of this world. Taking the grandfather's AK-47 into his hands, our hero decided to destroy all the combat robots of the A-4 model that he only met.
1 Torrent Download
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game icon
Minecrafter Download Free!


This game has everything from simple blocks to depict land and a wide variety of flowers, plants and rocks and minerals.
1 Torrent Download
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Simple Audio Converter Download Free!

Simple Audio Converter

Simple Audio Converter converts music in the following formats: MP3, AAC, M4A, WMA, OGG, FLAC, WAV, AMR, AIFF, MP2, APE, DTS, M4R, AC3, VOC, etc.
1 Torrent Download
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Dark Village Download Free!

Dark Village

High in the mountains there is a village. There lived a shaman and he controlled the spirits of animals. But the cities became bigger and the village started to empty. One night the shaman disappeared and the spirits of the animals, the most wicked of them - Wendigo, began to descend from the mountains to the village. Spirits moved into people and turned them into zombies. Together with the spirits, the evil animals began to visit the village and direct fear to still living people. You are a young forester. Having learned about this trouble, they immediately decided to help the villagers in this trouble. Taking a weapon with you, you found that both Wendigo himself and the spirits that have settled in people are mortal. Well, then. It remains just to shoot and not let yourself become food for spirits and zombies. The game has 9 weapons and grenades. 16 different enemies.
1 Torrent Download