This game takes place during the Stone Age. The player will command a small group of men who have their own camp. The goal is to survive as long as possible, fending off attacks from enemies. Units can carry one object and create weapons. Over time, the team can join the new units. Units are starving and if hunger is very strong, the health will decrease. If hunger diminishes, then health will slowly recover. The camp is the gathering of new items, cooking and storage resources. To make an item you’ll need the resources to be stored in the warehouse. Kindle is needed for fire and cooking. The world has a side view and is composed of 12 sectors. Sectors are divided into 4 types: beach, desert, steppe and forest. In each sector you’ll face new enemies or pick up a new team member. On the coast it is possible to fish, in the desert cotton can be found and medicinal herbs in the forest along with wood.



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