Common Information

Falco Software is engaged in distribution of free games and programs, building in them the advertizing module for which installation to you money will be charged.

What it for the module? It adware from the American firm Installation occurs at will of the user, through the license agreement. RelevantKnowledge the large American firm, which is engaged in marketing researches: in particular researches of preferences of the users, using the Internet shops. The received information is used for conducting the general statistics. In case of inconvenience the module leaves through "Installation and removal of programs".

Falcoware collects installator of your game, building in it the advertizing module, and extends it on the channels. After registration in system, the full statistics on jumps and charges will be accessible to the partner.

How much Falcoware pays? It depends on the country, in which the module will establish:
(For one installation)
USA - 0.25$
Germany - 0.20$
France - 0.20$
Japan - 0.20$
Spain - 0.20$
Portugal - 0.05$
Russia 0.025$
Also, we paying $ 0.20 for 100 advertising shows before the game.

The conclusion of money can be ordered, when you collect 20$ on the account. The partner can choose a way of a conclusion:
Gold Crown.
Card of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation.
For the detailed information on these services search in the Internet.

Requirements to game:

1. Game should be in English. Support different languages is authorized, but English should be by default language.
2. Game shouldn't contain resources (the game drawing, sounds etc.) the rights, to which use, doesn't belong to you. Before using a resource, be convinced that it isn't stolen. Use of the resources extending on Royalty Free the licenses is supposed. More in detail about the given license read in the Internet.
3. Game should be decent quality, both in a gameplay, and in the schedule. Game should be logically finished and not be a demo version.
4. Game shouldn't contain obscene lexicon, frank pornographic materials, appeals to a genocide or violence over real people.

Operations procedure.

If you were interested by the given offer, you need to make the following:

1. To contact Falcoware manager and to give game for acquaintance. Game can be loaded on any free service on storage of files, for example, and give the reference.
Manager contacts:
E-Mail: manager[dog], support[dog]

2. In case of approval it is necessary to be registered on a site:

3. Further you need to prepare the description for a product in Russian a txt file. The description should be developed and contain minimum 5 offers. 2 screenshots 640*480 in jpg format, showing high points of the game. You should understand, that quality of screenshots (their contents) will directly affect on the quantity of the game races. A game icon should be in 32*32 gif format. So, the archive should contain:

2 screenshots 640*480 jpg format.
Icon of game 32*32 in gif format.
Game description in Russian txt format.
The finished version of the game in a separate folder.

The archive can be in any popular format rar, zip, 7z, etc.
The archive name should correspond to your nickname to login at registration. It is possible to fill in archive on any free service on storage of files. After that give the reference on the archive to manager.


The manager has accepted game. How soon it will appear on a site and when it will make for me profit?

The answer:
New game appears on a site falcoware within two working days. The profit will start to go since the same day, however the strongest gain it is necessary to wait within a week when game will be scattered on torrents.

How much I can earn with one game?

The answer:
It depends on a demand of game by players. On the average game types 20$ in one or two months. However, we have games, collecting monthly 200$ within several years.

What games of a genre swing is better?

The answer:
The genre has no value. Qualitative game of any genre, anyway will type more than poor-quality game of any special genre.

If I give you game, whether I have rights to give it then to other people?

The answer:
Yes. All rights remain to you.

Unique offer for Flash, Unity and HTML5 game developers.

Now your game can be incorporated into our Falco Game Player collection!

1. Icon of your game @ 115x115 JPG format.
2. Name of the game (in English).
3. Your username in the Falco system.
4. SWF file or directory with HTML5 index.html file.
5. For the whole archive, please contact the manager at manager[dog] or support[dog]

How much we pay?:
We pay $3.00 for 1000 impressions. All statistics will be provided in our system.